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    Entrusted Managing Agent for the China Agricultural Reinsurance Pool

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      On November 21, 2014, China Re P&C, along with 23 insurance companies that qualify for agricultural insurance, founded the China Agricultural Reinsurance Pool (CARP). China Re P&C was awarded Managing Agency rights to this Pool. Its establishment was a milestone in the history of Chinese agricultural insurance, and was selected as one of the top 10 insurance events of 2014.

      Pioneer in Pilot Catastrophe ProjectsIn September 2014, China Re P&C led a study on the effects of catastrophic typhoons and floods in the Ningbo region. Meanwhile, China Re P&C is involved in developing the Yunnan Earthquake Insurance Pilot Program, as well as providing catastrophe reinsurance coverage in Sichuan, Zhenjiang, Fujian, and Xiamen.


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